Friday, October 24, 2014


Our mini road trip was a success! Peter was slightly anxious about his first time driving on the left side of the road, but he did a great job and we had no major incidents (other than running over a bird). We weren't sure about the weather when we headed out this morning, but decided that if it was too chilly or cloudy for the beach, we would just drive a little ways down the Great Ocean Road. Luckily, it was nice and sunny and warm, so we will have to save the GOR drive for another day! This post is going to be mostly pictures, probably too many, but I couldn't help myself. The beach was amazing! Some of these were taken on my phone and some on the GoPro.
Peter getting settled into our tiny bright red rental car. 
A little bit scared, right before we pulled out of the parking lot. 
This will never look normal to me
Made it there in one piece! Sadly, the same can't be said for the poor bird we drilled on the way...
The first thing we saw upon arrival was real surfers! I thought the Australian surfer stereotype was probably exaggerate but it most definitely is not. We saw quite a few super-tan guys with long blonde hair running along the beach with a dog in tow. Torquay is widely knows as a surf town. There's even an annual competition at Bell's Beach, which is a few kilometers down from where we were today.  
Just amazing. Probably the prettiest beach I have ever seen. It was a little hazy when we first arrived, but quickly cleared up.
I wasn't sure if I had the GoPro on video mode or not, so ignore the super attractive close up of my face at the beginning of this video.
I had to stalkerishly zoom way in on some of these surfer shots so they are a little grainy. 
Still grainy and slightly less stalkerish because it's Peter. The waves were bigger than any I had ever seen before and a little intimidating! 

The water was FREEZING, but we waded in anyway. I'm sure the legitimate Australians were sitting there wondering who the psychopaths not wearing wetsuits were...Minnesotans, that's who. 

I don't know how to edit GoPro videos, so this is super long and you'll get the idea after about 10 seconds, but the sound of the water hitting the camera is so cool! I'm in love with the GoPro! 
Literally paradise. 
Got my finger in this one but thought it was a cool picture. 
Stairs up to the lookout point.
Amazing view 
Obligatory shadow kiss photo 
We struggled with keeping our fingers off the lens today.
And of course I struggled with the wind. 

We managed to come away with only moderate sunburns so I'd call it a successful day. We will definitely be back to Torquay, hopefully next time to take a surf lesson! 


  1. Great photos and videos! The videos look terrific full-screen, too.

    The thing about driving on the left side of the road is that you are on the right side of the car, so it actually feels pretty natural.

  2. Thanks! The photos/videos don't so it justice! After adjusting to the change in depth perception, Peter said driving wasn't as different as it seems.

  3. Beautiful pictures and video. So nice to see a beach....... Thanks for sharing.

  4. Well done to Peter for driving on the left! I'm Australian and I tried to drive once in Philadelphia. Never again!

    1. It's hard enough driving in an unfamiliar city, and then the added struggle of having to focus on which side of the road to be on is just too much for me!!



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