Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Weekend Festivities

We had a super-quiet weekend over here after enjoying having visitors last weekend. On Friday morning, Peter and I ran over to the bank to open up a new checking account (our old bank doesn't have any branches in Texas) and get a few other things set up. I swear I'm technology cursed, because Peter had no problems logging in and out of his account, but we had to reset my password multiple times and then I got locked out, of course. I feel like this happens to me daily. Don't ask me my security questions because chances are I won't know the answer. Anyone else have this problem?

Anyway, we waiting until Ali was done with work and then got dinner at Home Slice Pizza, which is basically the best pizza I've had in a long time. Afterward, we walked across the street to Hey Cupcake! which is quickly becoming our favorite food truck. Dessert trucks are the best.

On Saturday, we pretty much lounged around until after dinner, when we decided to be somewhat social and head out to find dessert. We tried to go to Bananarchy, which is the best name for a food truck ever, but it wasn't in its usual place. That's the issue with food trucks...they move. And have really freaking weird hours. So instead, we drove to East Austin to Prohibition Creamery, which specializes in boozy ice cream. I had a really good- albeit strong- sangria sorbet and will definitely be back to try one of their milkshakes. This was the sign outside the shop, which I thought was pretty hilarious:

We drove around East Austin a bit and were surprised by how many restaurants and bars were there that we hadn't ever heard of.  I actually didn't know there was anything over there worth checking out. The east side is up-and-coming, so you weave between sketchy-looking areas and newer construction pretty rapidly. However, if we were to buy a house at this very moment (we aren't), I think that would be the best place to buy. It's fun to live in a fast-growing city and witness all the renovation happening!

On Sunday, Peter watched the Vikings game (of course) and then we headed over to the Barton Creek Greenbelt for an afternoon walk. The weather was amazing, with temps in the 60s, and there were tons of people out. We only did the mile-long walk since we didn't have a ton of time before sunset, but it would be fun to do the whole 7-mile loop at some point!

We don't have any exciting plans for Thanksgiving, other than attempting a turkey and some side dishes for our little party of three. Since Ali works in retail, she will be pretty busy this whole week, but we might squeeze in some Black Friday shopping on Thursday evening if we're not too full after our feast.


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