Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Beach Day

This past Sunday was the first day that was really warm enough to go to the beach and attempt to get some color. It was a beautiful day, a little windy, but about 82 degrees. We went to Brighton Beach, home of the colorful bathing boxes. It was busy but not too crowded. 
The water was still pretty cold. We made it in up to our knees before retreating back to the warmth of our towels. Speaking of towels, this is the one Peter picked out at the store:
Have you ever seen a cooler beach towel in your life? 
It started to get a bit cloudy toward the late afternoon, so we packed up and got burgers for dinner on the way home. 
Peter hates sand on his feet...
Despite being embarrassingly albino, we had fun and managed to not get sunburned! I took some pictures with the GoPro, which is a really cool little gadget and especially perfect for the beach where it's advantageous to have a water/sand proof camera! 
Beach selfie! 

I anticipate a few more beach days in our future! 


  1. Nice pics! It will be a while before it is beach weather here again...

  2. Great pictures. I really like Peter's towel. Can't wait to see the beach!



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