Thursday, August 11, 2016

Mornington Peninsula Day Trip

A few weeks ago, we took a day trip to the Mornington Peninsula with our friends Matt and Lauren. I visited the area almost two years ago (on the windiest day in the history of the world), but Peter had never been. This visit was much less dramatic, thankfully. Also, linking back to the last time I was in Mornington at the beginning of my blog reminds me how terrible my early photos were. Apparently I did not know how to edit. Or resize. 

My favorite stop on this trip is hands down the goat farm. I have no idea if normal people are as obsessed with goats as I am, but I literally want a herd of them when I grow up. I may or may not have spent a few hours the other day researching farm land. 
Who could not love this face?!
The Mornington Peninsula is home to a bunch of beautiful wineries with stunning ocean views, like the one below, so we had to stop for some scenery and tasting.
We headed to Cape Schanck, which is the scene of my closest near-death experience to date and the sorce of the drama I referenced above. Read this post for context. I will admit I am a dramatic person, but I stand by the description in that post. Also, I had forgotten that it was in Mornington where I first saw a Huntsman spider. I've only seen one or two more since then, which is one or two too many. They are hideous creatures that I am not sad to leave behind for good in a couple of weeks.
The weather was so much calmer this time around and the hike down to the water was shockingly enjoyable in the absence of a hurricane/tornado.
We took the coastal route back to the city and stopped a couple times to take in the view.
And stopped at Dromana Beach, which is a highly underrated Melbourne beach in my opinion, just in time to catch the sun setting.

Happily, I will be making one more trip down that way before we head back to the States! There is an event at the dairy farm this weekend and I'm obviously going.


  1. Nice goats! Minnesota has a lot of good farm land. Just sayin' ...

    1. True, but what do my goats do during the 6 months that my farm last is frozen ;)



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