Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekends Lately

We've spent the last two weekends bopping around Austin, showing Kathryn some of our favorite places and discovering some new spots as well. Last weekend we headed over to South Congress to show her the cute shops and restaurants. We stumbled upon this adorable chalk wall on the side of someone's garage. It says 'before I die...' and you can fill in whatever you want. Some of the answers were serious, like 'donate a kidney', and then there were the ones that weren't so serious like 'smoke weed with Snoop Dog'. 
Peter wasted no time coming up with an event he'd like to witness in his lifetime...a Vikings Super Bowl win! You can see Kathryn next to him, trying to think up something to write. At one point she said "I have no goals!" which I thought was hilarious. Not true, of course, but it is pretty difficult to think of one thing that stands out when put on the spot.
We were happily surprised to spot a Melbourne reference on the wall. Richmond is the footy team Peter 'went for' (not 'rooted for'...never 'rooted' in Australia because it means something entirely different...). They were sort of a perfect fit as the somewhat tortured franchise...much like our Minnesota teams!
We walked around a bit, and when it got unbearably hot, about 30 minutes into our stroll, we stopped for a drink. It was super sunny and nice when we got there, but by the time we were ready to leave it was POURING. We hung around for awhile longer, had another drink, and then braved the rain and ran to the car. When we passed the chalk wall on the way back someone had already left a note for Peter:
It says 'not gonna happen' hahaha. I have to admit, I'd be surprised if it did! You can't tell in the picture, but it was written in green chalk, so Peter suspects a Packer fan was behind it. 

Peter was out of town this weekend, so it was just Ali, Kathryn and me. On Friday we decided to check out The Oasis, which is a big bar/restaurant and brewery (more like a compound) out on Lake Travis. Unfortunately, there was a two-hour wait for food and drinks so we just headed onto the balcony to take a few pictures while the sun was setting. There were some AMAZING houses to the right of the resturant. We definitely want to go back, but when it's a bit less crowded.
Since we still wanted to be by the lake, we headed over the Lucy's and had some dessert and drinks. We had a server who was quite entertaining. He told a few stories of his encounters with Farrah from Teen Mom at the restaurant (she lives close by) and hilariously left his Snapchat name on the bill. Is that a thing people do now? #youths.

On Saturday we headed to a food truck park for dinner, which was PACKED, and I took a risk and ordered fish tacos. I feel like ordering fish from a food truck is a universally bad idea, but they just sounded so good! Thankfully, they were delicious and I survived. Win-win.
On Sunday we went to church in the morning, followed by afternoon naps for Kathryn and me while Ali sat by the pool. I'm such a sun-phobe since living in Australia that I haven't spent much time down there yet this year. That, and there's usually at least 15 frat bros acting like they're filming a sequel to Animal House at any given time, so I avoid the pool area like the plague.

In the evening, we headed up to the Domain, shopped a bit, and then ate at Culinary Dropout, a semi-new restaurant with lots of yard games and activities. It was really good, especially these pretzel bites with cheese fondue. We all agreed we'd go back for those alone! I picked Peter up from the airport after dinner and he was pretty jealous of our weekend food adventures.
We're off to London and Paris on Wednesday, so it's a short work week for us and we're spending the next couple of days getting ready for our trip. I haven't been to London is years, and have never been to Paris, so if anyone has any must-do activities, please let me know!

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