Thursday, October 2, 2014

I Swear I Love the Gym

I have come to the conclusion that it's time to start working out. Like more than once a month. After a combination of being inspired (read: shamed) by a ridiculously fit couple in the elevator the other day (who Peter aptly dubbed "the more attractive version of us") and realizing that Christmas now falls in the middle of summer and I can't hide the seven thousand cookies I will inevitably eat behind a North Face puffer jacket, I decided I better hit the gym. Plus, our new building has super nice facilities. 

Those of you that know me know that working out is basically the last thing I ever want to do. On the list of things I want to do, it's after clawing my own eyes out with a fork. Seriously. So, this is going to take some work and if anyone has any tips on how to not give up after 3 minutes on the elliptical (my current threshold) feel free to pass them on :). 

I posted a few pictures of the gym awhile back, but here are a couple more from yesterday: 
The view from the bikes/treadmills 
Pro tip: Do not assume that 30 kg is "probably about the same" as 30 pounds and try to pick it up. 

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