Saturday, October 11, 2014

Brunch and Hat Shopping

There may be a day where I don't post about food, but today is not that day. I had brunch with my friends Sylvie and Katie at Hardware Societe on Saturday morning, which is a really popular brunch spot. We waiting for over an hour to get in, but it wasn't so bad since we just went to get a coffee (super weak latte for me-that's about all I can choke down) while we waited. 
Walking through the city while waiting for brunch. 
The sign at the most hipster coffee place ever. It was a mixture of a shoe maker/repair shop, barber, and coffee shop. The place was so hipster, I don't even think it even has a name. 

We got back to the restaurant just in time to sit down. The food was ridiculously amazing. I got a BLT, which featured real-ish bacon! Usually, when you order bacon here, it's more like a piece of ham, which is fine and all, but when you're craving bacon, ham just doesn't cut it.  
Katie got the baked eggs, for which this particular brunch spot is famous. 
Sylvie got the brioche, which was basically dessert for breakfast. 
Katie and me with our food! 

After brunch we went hat shopping in preparation for the Caulfield Cup horse race next Saturday. Apparently it's a really dressy affair- think Kentucky Derby attire- so we obviously need to wear ridiculous hats that would be completely bizarre if worn under any other circumstances. 
My hat in this picture is possibly the ugliest thing ever made. How is there a demand for velvet baseball hats?
These were insanely huge. I don't know who would ever buy this hat, but we decided it would be dangerous to actually wear in public. You could accidentally assault someone with this hat pretty easily. 
These were awesome, but expensive. 
If this wasn't $100 I would have bought it in every color. 
Sylvie bought this one and it is amazing. 

I'm still looking for mine, but I'm sure I'll post about our day at the races so you'll get to see it in all its ridiculous glory. Cliffhanger, I know. 


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