Thursday, October 30, 2014

Food Crawl

Today my friend Sylvie (who took the day off work) and I decided to go on our own "food crawl". Basically, just eat a lot of food. First we hit up Short Stop Donuts, the new donut place in town I referenced in Doughnuts Part 1. BTW, is it donuts or doughnuts? I spell it both ways so I can be correct at least 50% of the time. Anyway, Short Stop is super hipster. 
Chocolate red velvet on the right (to die for) and an almost-as-impressive strawberry concoction on the left. 

Because we simply don't stop after one meal, we went to eat something "savory", a word Australians and Europeans use obsessively and I've probably never used in an actual sentence in my entire life. We stopped at a fast food type Thai place for some good, and cheap, salads. We also walked through Melbourne Central Station, which is more like a mall than a train station. It's gigantic and has this awesome ceiling going on:
Then it was on to Burch and Purchese, which Peter and I visited awhile back, because why not?
I got an amazing chocolate, coffee, creme thing and Sylvie ordered a chocolate pear cake. BTW, Sylvie started an Instagram account solely devoted to food in Melbourne, so go check it out. It's thefoodiejourney. Someday she will be an Instagram celebrity, at least that's the dream. 

We managed to take some attractive photos in sunglasses today; Sylvie at Melbourne Central:
And me, at a shockingly-decent priced clothing store on Chapel Street:

Aside from gaining a few pounds (kilograms?), it was an awesome day! 


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