Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Pictures

I took a couple of blog-worthy pictures this weekend while we were out and about:
I love that there's a thing called the "McMate"! So Australian. So awesome. 
Myer, one of the department stores at the Emporium, has an entire Mossimo clothing section. I don't know how, since I thought Mossimo was Target-exclusive, but this could be a poser brand. I'm finding out there are a lot of those. For example, there is a Target here that is apparently not affiliated with the American Target, despite using the same logo, typeface, etc. Peter and I wonder how this is legal? Surely it violates some kind of copyright law? 

In any event, this picture is for my South Dakota relatives- representing in Melbourne! If you think the presence a University of South Dakota t-shirt in Australia is more than a little random, you're not alone. I don't get it, either. 

Peter next to the United States panel on the Sandridge Bridge over the Yarra River, which is devoted to immigrant history and features 128 of these panels representing countries from which Melbournians originally immigrated. 

This is the Southgate shopping center on Southbank. It's kind of an indoor-outdoor mall with an extensive food court and restaurant selection. Among them, an ice bar, which I am dying to try. Basically, you put on a ridiculous looking parka and go into a really cold room with ice sculptures and a bar carved out of ice and drink. What's not to love? Plus, the Real Housewives of the OC went to one last season, so you know it's cool-no pun intended.  

This is an Instagram photo of Federation Square, right across from Flinders Street Station and a popular gathering place in the CBD. The Square has free wifi, which is handy for those of us whose wifi works approximately 27% of the time. On a good day. 
Yesterday, we went to IKEA, which is in a mall that also contains a pet store, and I was THISCLOSE to bringing this adorable puppy home. Unfortunately, the store was closing at the precise moment we got there. Probably for the best. SO not the right time to get a dog, especially since apartments here generally don't allow pets, but I was tempted! 


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