Friday, August 8, 2014

Eureka Skydeck

Last night we decided to check out one of Melbourne's coolest attractions- the 88th floor of the Eureka Skydeck. The building itself is really impressive, positioned on Southbank, just across the river from where we live.
The Skydeck is the tall blue building. It is pretty much my dream to live in this building, but at $2,000/week the apartments are a little out of the budget. Ever so slightly.

After a great Italian dinner at a restaurant nearby, we rode the elevator up 88 floors and enjoyed the spectacular views. 
Looking down on the train station and CBD (central business district, what we would refer to as "downtown"). 
Looking out toward Port Melbourne and the ocean.
The train station/CBD again and the Yarra River. 
Love this city!

There's also an option to do the Edge Tour, which is an additional charge, and claims to provide even better views. Basically, you stand in an all-glass retractable box that extends 6 feet or so from the building, so you're sort of floating over the city. On the 88th floor of a building. As someone who doesn't totally love heights, it sounds terrifying to me. Maybe next time? 


  1. If you "don't totally love heights," you are doing very well for this family!

  2. Beautiful pictures. You can see a lot of Melbourne......and beyond!



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