Sunday, August 24, 2014

Oreo Observations

Lately, we've been craving Oreos for some unknown reason. The past few nights after dinner Peter will run to Coles, the grocery store around the corner, and pick up a box. The cookies themselves are the exact same as far as I can tell, but we don't feel as guilty eating the entire thing, because it's tiny! The biggest box on the shelf looks like this, and my hands are the size of a 10 year old's:
So small. So, observation #1 is the size. Oh, and the box is $4. I really do feel like the Aussies are getting jipped on this one. Especially because, according to the box, there are more cookies than before! Was the last box, like, one individually wrapped Oreo? 

Observations #2: "choc cookie" I guess "choc" is short for chocolate? Not sure about this one. All I think of when I see this is "chalk" which isn't entirely appealing when used to describe an Oreo. Not that it stopped me from eating them, of course. 

Observation #3: I have no idea what the dietary information means. What's a KJ? Apparently three Oreos have 598 KJ which is referred to as "energy" instead of what I assume is calories. 

So, since I don't know how to convert KJ to anything useful, I'm just going to go with my own conversion: 598 KJ=1 calorie. Ya, that sounds about right! 

In summary, Oreos are a health food in every country. 


  1. Sounds good to me! Your conversion is terrific!

  2. kj stands for kilojoule, a unit of energy. 1 kilojoule equals 0.2 calories. So Oreos are virtually a diet food!

  3. Well that explains it! I will continue to devour (small) boxes of Oreos guilt-free.

  4. To put a joule into perspective, it's about the force of a mossie (mosquito) kicking you in the forehead!



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