Monday, August 4, 2014

Sea Life Aquarium

As I mentioned the other day, Peter wanted to check out the Sea Life Aquarium as part of his birthday celebration. We finally made it over there on Sunday afternoon. Not that it's very far away- maybe a mile or two down the main road, Flinders Street. I was thrilled to find a "buy one adult ticket, get one free" coupon online since entry was a steep $38 per person. (Have I mentioned everything here is expensive!!!) So we waited in line for about 20 minutes to get in and then explored the aquarium for a couple hours. There wasn't anything totally new and different to see but it was still fun to look around and we especially enjoyed the penguin exhibit. I took quite a few pictures:
The entrance. 
I took this picture while we were waiting in the line-er queue. 
A giant lobster. 
Really pretty jelly fish. I love these things. In captivity, of course. 
The shark viewing area. 
This underwater tunnel was one of the coolest features of the aquarium. 
More from the tunnel. Glad it didn't cave in...
Peter with the fish! 
This cheetah stingray thing is the coolest animal ever. Who knew!? 
Ok not that exotic, but these tree frogs were too cute. 
The adorable penguins! 
I was waiting for one to slide down on its stomach but that never happened, sadly. 
Well hello there! 
Feeding time! 

I got a really cool video of the penguins swimming during their feeding that I'll have to post when we get wifi, which I hope will be tomorrow. Overall it was a fun way to spend part of the afternoon! Plus, while we were waiting to get in, I saw an advertisement for cage diving with great white sharks and convinced Peter to do it with me when the weather warms up. YOLO. 

Here's one more picture of the main train station taken on our way to the aquarium. 
So far, I've been surprised by how convenient public transportation is here. At first it was weird to not have a car, and there are still times when it would be nice to be able to drive myself somewhere or have space to haul things around, but for the most part I love the train/trams. I don't have to pay attention to the road and don't have to pay for gas. Plus it's faster than trying to battle all the traffic in the city. And I don't have to drive on the "wrong" side of the road! Eventually I'm sure we will get to experience driving in Australia as we venture out of the city and will need to rent a car, but I'm banking on Peter driving :). 

Oh ya, and I still can't figure out the metric system. I catch myself asking "so how far is that?" or "how warm is that?" when people give a distance or temperature, as if they know how to convert to Fahrenheit any better than I know how to convert to Celsius! 


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