Tuesday, August 26, 2014


It's not technically spring in Melbourne yet, but it's sure starting to feel like it! Up until this week, it has typically been between 55-65 degrees (sorry Celsius people-I still haven't perfected my conversions) and often windy, so it's been pretty chilly without at least a light jacket. But today felt like the real deal- I wore a sweater and was even a little warm. Plus, the sun was out almost all day. No more of that constant winter rain we experienced when we first got here!
(The guy in the cross walk clearly didn't get the memo as he's sporting a puffy jacket more suitable for Minnesota winters. Or the year 2001, but that's another post.) This is Centre Place, a notable lane way with some funky coffee shops, a soup restaurant, and some bars. Although we live right around the corner, we've never eaten at any of these restaurants. It's kind of funny how you get into a routine without even noticing it. Lately, we have been eating borderline obsessively at an Italian restaurant down the road called Vapiano. I think it's actually a German chain, but it reminds us a little of Cosetta's in St. Paul. We're totally addicted. We've been going about 3 times a week and yesterday when Peter approached the counter to order, the chef said "the usual?" We should probably cut back a bit...

Here are a few pictures of what we have dubbed "Vap" aka our second home:
We should branch out and try some new restaurants, but it's just SO GOOD. 

Here's the forecast for the next few days, which I'm pretty excited about.
Looks like a good weekend for a stroll on the beach! 


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