Friday, August 15, 2014

Emporium Mall

You may remember the mall I discovered, called the Emporium, from my shopping post. Peter hadn't seen it yet since he was working when I found it, so we decided to check it out this afternoon. A few funny things to note:
We found a store that almost exclusively sells UCLA apparel and merchandise. We thought it was hilarious and also kind of strange. Why would a bunch of Australians care about UCLA let alone buy enough merchandise bearing its name to warrant an entire store? When the salesperson found out we were from America she asked eagerly if there were lots of UCLA stores over there. We didn't really know how to answer the question. I suppose that UCLA has a UCLA store, but other than At least we've never seen one. I think she was a little bit disappointed! 

We also found a store that Peter described as an "Asian IKEA." On a really small scale, that's a pretty accurate characterisation. Except this store had a seemingly random selection of clothing, candles/diffusers, and lotions in addition to home and organisation goods. 

I'm not sure if this is standard across all Australian malls, but the stores are all high quality, no Old Navy type retailers and no Forever 21 disorganised nightmares. They were mostly small stores that had a boutique-y feel. Also, the food courts were unusually classy, and to our delight, clean! It wasn't just fast food- there were real restaurants that served food on real plates, not just a tray. There was even a sushi restaurant that featured a Sushi Train where the food rotated around the bar-like seating area and you took what you wanted as it came. It was really cool. We chose a burger place that was quite good. 
We left pretty much empty handed, but Peter found a jacket he liked that we ordered to the store in his size and will pick up next week. 

On our way home, we stopped in a small shoe store that played loud rap music (not common here for the stores I have been in at least) and had kind if a funky layout:

There was even a place to sit on little egg chairs and look at products on an iPad!

Another impressive day of Melbourne shopping! 


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