Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Royal Croquet Club

One of the best things about Melbourne, especially in the summer, is that there's always something going on. Usually a food festival, which is my favorite kind of event. Right now, the Royal Croquet Club has popped up next to Federation Square and features food, drinks, croquet, and most importantly, Gelato Messina. I went with a few friends last night and want to go back again before it's done! 
The ATM booth. Clever. 
Thankfuly it wasn't too crowded. 
Katie ordering lamb skewers. 
Sylvie got some kind of Asian salad (I think?). 
I got a pork burger that was really good! I could have eaten two more but at $10 a pop I refrained. 
Some Pimms, my favorite British drink! 
Sylvie taking advantage of the free water and contemplating whether or not she will get bored on her extended trip home to Belgium. It's ok, she assures us. If she gets bored in Brussels, she'll just go to Paris. Rough life, Sylvie. 
The holy grail of ice cream: Gelato Messina in a soup can! So hipster. So good. 
We didn't actually play any croquet, mainly because none of us really know how. 
It's been unseasonably chilly the last week and a half. Yesterday only hit about 70 degrees, but we stayed long enough to see the sunset anyway! 
Sunset over Princes Bridge on the wall home. 


  1. Looks FUN! Always something going on it seems. Glad you are having fun.

  2. How fun! I totally agree Australians love a good festival. Always fun to be had.



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