Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Series of Fails

Yesterday was just one of those days. Nothing Earth shatteringly bad happened, of course, but we did fail on a couple levels.

Fail #1- small fail, but after running to the bank in the morning, I wanted to see if I could catch a glimpse of Heidi Klum at Myer promoting her new underwear line (I think?). She was supposed to make an appearance outside the store, and I wanted to catch a glimpse. Because who would miss an opportunity to stand near a model and consequently feel shorter and chubbier than previously thought possible? Unfortunately, we arrived JUST after she left. No Heidi for us! 

Fail #2- Peter and I were in the market for some new, more colorful sheets (we currently only have white) so we headed to IKEA.  We didn't love any of the colors we saw, and there were only a few choices in the queen size anyway, so we decided to look elsewhere. The IKEA closest to us is in a shopping center, so after we finished buying a handful of random Swedish furnishings we didn't really need, we popped into the K Mart next door. Like Target, I don't think the Australian K Mart has any relation to the American K Mart, but it is essentially the same store. We headed to the bedding section and found only two sheet sets in the queen size- white and a bright aqua color. I'm not sure if everyone in the world is trying to buy queen size sheets right now or if there's some sort of worldwide shortage or what. Anyway, we decided to just go for the aqua, mainly because we didn't want to keep looking. Big mistake. As Peter observed, they look like hospital scrubs: 
We definitely underestimated the aqua-ness. Maybe white wasn't so bad after all! 

Fail #3- We have been searching for wall art to hang above the couch for awhile now, and this gem was on sale for $14. I tried to convince Peter we should buy it but he wasn't on board. So this was a tragic missed opportunity to showcase some of the greatest artwork in history, if you ask me. 

Fail #4- After returning from IKEA we decided to make spaghetti for dinner and I ran out to grab some Parmesan cheese from the obscenely overpriced supermarket around the corner. The kind we normally buy at our usual (moderately overpriced) grocery store was twice as much for half the package. I couldn't bring myself to buy it, so I just grabbed the smallest/cheapest package they had. All was good until I got home and realized I bought SHAKER CHEESE. AKA the ground up stuff that is sold in the US in those tall shaker tubes, which does not taste nearly as good as shredded Parmesan. I'm not even sure it's real Parmesan. As predicted, the taste was underwhelming. 

Fail #5- The only injury fail of the day, which is impressive seeing as I've been known the trip/fall down stairs. While eating dinner, I chomped down hard on the side of my mouth and it swelled up. So I spent the majority of the night icing my face.

Here's to hoping today is more successful! 


  1. Hope today was a better day! www.eatallovertheworld.com

  2. I never understood the target in Australia, it was a disappointing visit when I went expecting something like what we have in the states.

    1. Agreed! It's mainly clothing and homewares, but the quality and selection isn't as good as in the States :(.



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