Friday, January 2, 2015

The End of 2014

I can't believe 2014 has already come to an end. It's been an overall fabulous year full of excitement, changes, new experiences, and most importantly, a lot of fun. 

We decided to spend the last day of the year at the beach, of course! We made our way over to St. Kilda around noon and stayed for a few hours before going home to get ready for the evening. The beach was pretty quiet when we arrived, but by mid-afternoon it was hopping. 
We spent the evening at Sylvie's house in Prahran and captured a group photo thanks to Lauren's selfie stick. If my obsession isn't already apparent, I've decided that my official New Year's resolution is to purchase my very own selfie stick. I'm aware this is a pretty weak resolution, but I've resigned myself to the fact that I will never go to the gym every day, so selfie stick it is! 
We managed to get back to Southbank just before midnight, when the much-hyped fireworks display was set to go off. It did not disappoint! I don't think I've ever watched fireworks on New Year's Eve at home, but it's a huge deal here. They were launched from at least 10-15 buildings around the CBD and Southbank, so we were literally surrounded. Here's a photo, and a video below:

This year has been one of our best so far; however, it was not void of challenges. Packing up our lives and moving across the world has been thrilling but also difficult at times. We were in moving limbo for three months of the year, and our initial housing situation (remember the cockroach drama?) was quite stressful on top of adapting to life in a new country. However, we're settled now, have made great friends, and feel like Australia is indeed our home. If this year has taught us anything, it's that stepping out of our comfort zone and taking risks pays off. We are extremely excited for 2015, a year we plan to continue to enjoy life in Melbourne and also travel quite a bit. We have trips planned to Sydney and Tasmania and are currently trying to decide on a destination for our second wedding anniversary in June (leaning toward the Great Barrier Reef, but suggestions welcome!). We hope to tick off quite a few bucket list items this year and continue to explore this amazing country. 

Happy New Year, everyone! 


  1. You would love the Great Barrier Reef. My husband and I did that a couple of years ago. We flew to Cairns, drove to the Daintree Rainforest and then drove all the way to Brisbane. It was great. We tent camped, hit everything we wanted to, and just enjoyed the sights and sounds. The great barrier reef was for sure a highlight of that trip.

    1. Ow wow that all sounds awesome! I can't wait to see it for myself :).



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