Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sydney Day 1

I'M BACK!!! Yesterday my dad informed me that my fans (aka relatives) were wondering where I went. I've been absent for a little bit partially because we were embarrassingly boring people last week and I didn't have much to report, and partially because we have been out of town for the last few days. On Friday, Peter and I woke up at 4 am to catch at 6:30 flight to Sydney to meet my mom and grandparents, who were fresh off the longest flight in the world (Dallas to Sydney). Peter and I booked our flights on TigerAir, which is notoriously unpredictable and low-budget. We had been warned about cancellations and hidden fees and while our flight was on time, we were hit with an $85 baggage charge because we didn't "pre-book" our checked bags (what?). My confidence in Tiger wasn't improved by the fact that we got on the plane without ever showing ID and had to wind around a construction zone for what seemed like miles before boarding. I snapped this picture as we were getting on the plane, not entirely confident that we would land in one piece:
Alas, we arrived and Peter and I got the train from the airport to our hotel in The Rocks neighborhood of Sydney. My family had already arrived and was waiting for us in the lobby. Since my mom and grandparents hadn't seen summer weather in months, we immediately set out for some breakfast and a walk around the harbour.
My mom, loving the sun! 
Peter with the Opera House in the background.
The Harbour Bridge

While wandering around the harbour, we stumbled upon a Chinese flash mob type gathering that was being heavily filmed by TV cameras. There were directors, sound people, etc. It seemed like a pretty big production, but we never figured out what it was. I'm fairly confident that I'll appear in the background of some Chinese music video in the near future. 
My mom and me in front of the Opera House.
My grandparents and Peter, sitting in the courtyard of a bar we stopped at for an evening drink. 
My grandparents walking to dinner. 
Trying kangaroo burgers! My grandma noted that they taste somewhat like bison burgers, which is the most accurate comparison I've heard thus far. 
My grandpa with his Australian beer! 

We pretty much went straight to bed after dinner. I will post about the rest of our weekend tomorrow- we had an early flight again this morning so I'm off to bed! 


  1. I flew Tiger Air and was hit with those sneaky bagging fees as well! I love the Rocks area of Sydney, my favorite spot to spend a day!

    1. Oh Tiger...I guess I shouldn't be surprised given its reputation. We loved staying in the Rocks as well; close to everything and good restaurants!

  2. How sweet that your Mom and Grandparents are able to visit you and see how beautiful Australia is. Shannon - you look so happy! Wait - you always look happy :)

  3. Good to see you back on air. Have fun with your family! I only fly Tiger if I just have carry-on and have to make sure that I "uncheck" all the boxes for extras when I'm booking - otherwise it can work out more expensive than Qantas!

    1. Yes! We were really annoyed because my family was on a Qantas flight a few hours later and the only reason we booked Tiger was because the tickets were much cheaper at face value. Of course after our baggage situation we could have flown Qantas with my family for just a bit more money.

  4. Aw you're so lucky to have your mom and grandparents come visit! I've discovered that no one checks ID when you fly domestic in Australia. In Brisbane you don't have to have a boarding pass to go to the gate either. My husband was about to board a plane before realizing he hadn't even checked in! Crazy people.

    1. I find the no ID thing so scary! Good to know it's not just Tiger though. And I can't believe your husband made it all the way to the gate without a boarding pass...crazy!



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