Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I'm officially old. Sunday was my 26th birthday. It wasn't as balmy as I would have liked my first summer birthday to be, but Sunday's 70 degrees was better than the usual -1573 which is a legitimately possible temperature on January 18 in Minnesota. So, heading out in a tshirt on my birthday was a present in itself. 

The day started with brunch at Pillar of Salt in Richmond with Katie and Sylvie. I ordered my usual avocado toast, of course. This one came with poached eggs and as usual, it was amazing.
My friends were nice enough to bring flowers and gift me with a super cute recipe book bearing the most fitting quote in the world: "people who love to eat are always the best people". I could not agree more. Now I just have to fill it up with recipes! Taking suggestions in the comments...

I came home to a box of (mostly) chocolate cupcakes from Little Cupcakes and a mango Boost smoothie, essentially my favorite things in the world. 
Peter and I ate them all within 24 hours. No shame. 

We were still a bit jetlagged and all I really wanted to do was eat dinner at home and stream The Bachelor, which is exactly what we did. 
Peter made an awesome steak dinner. 
And here are the flowers in full bloom the day after my birthday. So pretty!

This year, I felt like my birthday spanned two days, which is completely fine by me. After a day of celebrating in Australia, I woke up on Monday to a bunch of birthday messages and texts from family and friends back home, which was a pleasant surprise! I'm not sure how I feel about being in the second half of my 20s, but I haven't spotted any gray hairs yet, so that's a plus.


  1. Happy Birthday! And trust me, 26 is really, really young! Enjoy it.

  2. Avo toast, recipes, homemade meal and the bachelor sounds like a pretty ideal birthday. Happy 26th from Texas!

  3. Laura - I agree with your dad.....26 is really, really young. Enjoy!!

  4. Happy Birthday. Young Lady! Sounds like a great birthday

  5. Happy birthday for yesterday! I also felt old turning 26!

  6. Happy birthday! Those flowers are gorgeous!



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