Monday, November 10, 2014

Target Differences and The Best Dessert Ever

The Target here offers many of the same things as the Target at home, but on a much smaller scale. One thing Aussie Target has that American Target is lacking? Surfing gear.
I was THISCLOSE to purchasing these surf leggings. 
A matching surfing body suit thing. Cute clothes are an extra incentive to try surfing! Also, one of my friends told me that there is a Target Outlet in some obscure suburb of Melbourne that has really cheap clothes. So that's on my incredibly long list of places to check out! And also, something the American Target should adopt.  

I went for brunch at Two Birds One Stone in South Yarra with some friends on Sunday. It was predictably hipster, and was apparently too cool for a sign out front, because I stood there looking between my Google map and the front of the restaurant for at least 5 minutes before a friend finally rescued me from my awkwardness. But I mean, who decided it was a good idea to open a restaurant and then not identify it in any way? Seems counterintuitive to me, but what do I know? Anyway, I ordered the usual (avo and feta smash on toast). This version was particularly good:
I've come across a few articles that list the best avo toasts in Melbourne, and I'm thinking of compiling my own.

Sylvie ordered this amazing meal, I think fritters of some kind:
We started out sitting inside at a bar type seating area and then decided to move to a table outside. Well, despite the fact that Saturday was 95 degrees, it was pretty chilly on Sunday and we were quickly on the hunt for a table inside again. We were probably the most annoying customers of all time, but finally got a table in corner, set away from the rest of the restaurant, which was nice! Persistence (or annoyingness) pays off! 

It's mandatory in our group of friends to finish every meal with a disproportionately large dessert, so we headed next door to Adriano Zumbo, which has to be one of the greatest dessert shops anywhere ever. This is not an exaggeration. I ordered the best chocolate cake I have ever tasted. I was also forced to order a macaroon to meet the credit card minimum of $10, which I wasn't that sad about. 
I highly recommend the chocolate brownie macaroon on the left.

It was the best and richest dessert in the world, and for the first time probably ever, I couldn't finish it! It pained me to leave this last bite on the plate, but I was one bite away from not being able to function, I-just-won-a-hotdog-eating-contest full. 
Not only was the dessert amazing, the ambience was really cool:
So, I continue my semi-serious quest to eat every dessert in Melbourne. I'm making embarrassingly quick progress. 


  1. If you ever get out to the burbs you should check out Kmart or BigW. They are generally cheaper than Target and some Kmarts are open 24/7. When I was at uni I used to love roaming the aisles at 3am trying on cheap clothes.
    Apparently you guys have a Kmart in the US as well (different companies though). I don't think our Targets are linked either - I just found this interesting US article about the two chains: - our Target started 1 year after your Target did back in the 60s and apparently the owners just did a handshake deal to leave each other alone.

    1. This is fascinating! I've been wondering about the relationship between the two since I got here re: how it's legal! I'm from Minneapolis, which is where the American Target is headquartered, so this article is from my local paper! What a coincidence.

    2. Also, I've been to the BigW in the CBD and it's great! We do have Kmart also, but it doesn't do very well compared to Walmart and Target. I actually think they've closed most of their locations in the last few years.

  2. Never heard of a Brownie macaron. What a great invention! The dessert and the whole place look amazing. I'm not completely sold on the surf leggings. I could come around though. They're probably cheaper than Lululemon. Does that store exist in Melbourne?

    Remember Pane Vino Dolce in our old neighborhood? They never had a sign either.

    1. That's the first brownie macaroon I have seen, too! It was delicious. The surf leggings, even at Target, are surprisingly expensive. We also have Lululemon, but as with everything, it's more expensive than at home! I do remember PVD and I don't understand the lack of signage!!

  3. Great Blog! I just moved here two weeks ago from Arizona... and I can already relate to pretty much all of this. But, Melbourne seems like a great city and I'm having fun exploring. Now if the weather would just warm up a teensy bit!

    1. Thanks! Glad you are settling in...Melbourne is an awesome place to live. The weather is super unpredictable, as you've probably already witnessed, but I'm ok with it not being too hot :).

  4. I think Kmart in Australia is a lot like Target in America. They both have cute things though.

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