Thursday, November 20, 2014

Night Noodle Markets

Last night I met friends at the Night Noodle Markets at Birrarung Marr, right next to Federation Square. It's a huge Asian food event with over 50 trucks and stalls. Yesterday was about 90 degrees, and it was still extremely hot when we went at 6:30 pm. I would have killed for a hair tie, as my hair weighs approximately 21,827 pounds and sweatily stuck to my neck the whole time. Notwithstanding the weather, it was a lot of fun, and once the sun went down, it was borderline comfortable. 
This crowd reminded me a little bit of the Minnesota State Fair. Minus the obesity. 
Beer garden
Some of Melbourne's best restaurants had stalls, but the lines were extremely long and we were all pretty hungry, so I just jumped into one of the shorter lines. I was a little bit nervous that a short line would equal bad food, but I had satay chicken skewers that were pretty amazing!
Loved these beautiful lanterns.
One of the highlights of the Night Noodle Markets is Gelato Messina, home of the best gelato basically anywhere. We waited in line for about 15 minutes and when we hadn't moved an inch and still couldn't see the beginning of the line, we decided to call it a day and hit up The Lab Nitrogen Gelato instead. I had a raspberry chocolate gelato contraption that was so good I'm thinking of going back for seconds tonight. The Lab is one of those places that rotates flavors weekly, so if you find one you really like you have to hurry back before it's gone. Which I'm totally ok with. 
Had to take a picture of my friends' gelato as well. Luckily for me, Sylvie hardly ever finishes her desserts and only ate about half of the Nutella praline gelato on the left, so being the nice person I am, I offered to finish it for her. 

Peter and I are planning on going back to the Night Noodle Markets this weekend, as he hasn't been yet and I want to try some more food! 


  1. Looks amazing! Thanks for sending.

  2. I am currently living in Brisbane, I just found nitrogeine ice cream. We love it. So glad you enjoy it also. I am always telling people about it.



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