Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Week in Pictures

A bunch of random photos from the week: 
My friend, Michelle, left to go back to Germany this week, so we had a going away dinner at Jinda Thai on Thursday. Loved their menus! 
The whole group saying goodbye to Michelle...we will miss you! 
Gin and tonics for Alyssa's birthday on Friday. 
Added some raspberries to the second round. 
Red solo cups in the street...just like college! Unlike college, my hangover-recovery skills are weak these days, and I didn't get much accomplished on Saturday. 
We had a delicious steak dinner on Saturday night, courtesy of Peter's mad cooking skills. 
Steak, mashed potatoes and corn. 
This morning we had brunch at Picnic in South Yarra, one of our favorite places that we originally stumbled upon while extremely jet lagged on our second day in Australia. 
They make an amazing avo smash with basil pesto. 
It's 55 degrees today, which is pretty cold compared to the 80-90 degree days we've had of late. I had to steal Peter's jacket while waiting for the train. I've officially become a wimp. Also, this is potentially one of the least flattering photos ever taken of me. 
We went to the market after brunch and I spotted this semi-disturbing sign. It reads: 100% real young goats sold here. So, are the goats sold at the other stalls fake, or...? 


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