Saturday, November 15, 2014

Australian TV

I found the holy grail of Australian TV. The other night, I couldn't sleep. I sat wide awake until 3 am and finally got so bored that I turned on the TV. The first show that came on was called Jeremy Kyle; essentially Jerry Springer. I've since learned that it's actually a British show. I still cannot, for the life of me, tell the difference between British and Australian accents. Which is funny because a girl I met from England thought I was Australian and said she couldn't tell the difference between Australian and American accents.

Anyway, this show was hysterical. The episode I watched featured a man and two women, whom he was accused of dating simultaneously. The embarrassing part is all three participants sounded like they were American. Presumably the ones who didn't make the cut on Jerry? The episode consisted of a lot of yelling and then ended with the results of the lie detector test, which vindicated the guy. Sort of. He didn't cheat with either of the girls there, but actually had a third girlfriend. It was quite entertaining and unfortunately didn't aid in my attempt to fall asleep at all. Apparently trashy late night TV is universal. 

Peter and I went to the noodle market again last night with some friends. I didn't take too many pictures, but there were cool acrobatic performances going on that I didn't see last time I was there:
These were like massive swinging pogo sticks. I have no clue how they got up there, or how they didn't fall off. 

It was crowded again, and the line for Gelato Messina was just as long as last time I went, so we got gelato elsewhere once again! Hopefully before the noodle markets are done I'll snag some gelato. 

I'll end this short post with a question for anyone in Australia: does anyone here eat frozen pizza? We've tried a few and they just weren't very good. I need some brand recommendations, because as much as I wish I didn't love frozen pizza, I do. 


  1. We have not found a frozen pizza that is good there either. We buy the crust and just put the toppings on. We really like it that way.

  2. Ya, making our own is probably the best option. Sadly, it seems like the frozen pizza here is just overall not good, and pretty expensive!



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