Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Sushi Burrito

Fun fact about me: eating is my favorite hobby. You've probably gathered that if you've followed my blog at least a little bit. When I'm at home and crave a snack, Oreos win every time. Because it's semi (ok, extremely) socially unacceptable to buy a box of Oreos and eat the entire thing in public, I've had to find another option. Enter the sushi hand roll, or as I've dubbed it, the sushi burrito. 

They're super popular in Melbourne, sold on practically every street, and typically only $2.50 a piece. So, it's basically the cheapest thing you can buy in this town. Even the water I purchased with the roll above was $3.50.

I'm not sure if they're a thing in the US, but I've never seen them before we moved here. Greatest invention ever in my book. 


  1. I am not sure whether they are a thing here either, but it is very weird that water--in a bottle, anyway--is much more expensive than gasoline! It may be time to resume drinking from the tap.

    1. Ya, I have become one of those people that carries a water bottle everywhere. I just can't bring myself to consistently spend $3-$4 on a bottle of water!

  2. Looks like a great snack! I can't get a fix on the size from the photo. Is it a giant salmon roll? If you were at Byerly's you'd buy a tray of small rolls and have it for lunch. Is this the equivalent? Do they come in many varieties like the small rolls?

    1. Ya, it's a giant salmon roll! It equals about 4 small rolls if you were to cut it up. There are tons of varieties but I tend to stick to the salmon because it's my favorite :). They have the trays of small rolls, too, they're just not as portable as the "burrito".

  3. I love the sushi roll here. I ate a couple for lunch just today. I feel like they are the best deal in Australia.

    1. Oh Ya, definitely the best deal around! They're so good.



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