Wednesday, November 26, 2014

10 ARIA Award Observations

I'm currently watching the ARIA awards, which I think is the Australian version of the American Music Awards. Here are my outsider observations:

1) It's really, really odd to live in a country where you don't know who the famous people are.

2) The host looks like Ron Burgundy. 

3) They're obsessed with some girl named Jessica Mauboy, who kind of reminds me of a cross between Katy Perry and JLo. 

4) Long, rambling, often obnoxious acceptance speeches are universal. 

5) There's a really old man named Molly who seems to be a big deal. 

6) One Direction is just as big over here. They performed and Harry Styles looked like a circus ringmaster. 

7) This award show is not nearly as glamorous as the American ones in terms of venue and dress. 

8) Someone other than Keith Urban won the country category. So there are at least two country singers in Australia. Who knew? 

9) Katy Perry is currently touring in Australia and made an appearance at the ARIAs to present an award. She posed a valid question: "why do you guys eat the thing that's on one of your flags?" Speaking of kangaroos, of course. It is a bit odd...

10) There was a commercial during the show that advertised a sale on Nickleback CDs...ONLY $20!!! Good luck with that. 

* A random music-related observation: Australians seem to be really into Redfoo, who is apparently in the band LMFAO. I didn't know this until I moved here, despite the fact that it's an American band. He's a judge on the X Factor, which is a lot more popular here than it is in the US, so I think that's where he gained an Australian fan base?

All in all, it was fun to catch a glimpse into the Australian music scene, and I really liked a few of the performers, especially Chet Faker. Google him! 


  1. It's funny to hear your views on the ARIA awards and Aussie celebrities! We actually have quite a good music scene in Australia, with the likes Chet Faker. Have you listened to Triple J station since you've been here? There are some great tunes and artists on there that you might enjoy :)

    1. I liked what I heard of the Australian acts. I don't have a car so I hardly ever listen to the radio, but the few times we have rented one I've really enjoyed the radio here! Some great throwbacks :).

  2. Yeah, definitely interesting (and pretty much valid) observations Laura.

    My only responses:

    - Yes Molly Meldrum seems to turn up at any big music event. He's a well-known presenter and music critic and used to host a bunch of music shows in the 70s and 80s. I don't think he's ever been a musician though.

    - Country music (as much as I can't really stand it) has long roots in Australia and its origins are somewhat distinct from those of country in the US. I used to wonder about it myself given the tendency of some Australian country singers these days to put on American accents, but it originally grew out of the bush ballads of the 1800s and was influenced by English, Irish and Scottish folk music. In about the 1930s and 40s it started getting more Americanised and today the genres are somewhat merged, although domestically there is still alot of country that is distinctly Aussie - content and singing style. So yeah it's massive... particularly in rural areas. We even have fairly large country music festivals in the country, although they are mostly in the northern states.

    1. So interesting that Australia has its own distinct country music scene. I always assumed it was an American South thing, and Keith Urban was just a fluke! I don't know what a bush ballad is, but it sounds like something I need to hear :).



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