Monday, September 8, 2014

Still Awkward.

In case any of my friends were wondering, turns out my awkwardness transcends continents. Weird, freak things happen to me on a daily basis that just don't happen to normal people. Not particularly BAD things, just weird things. My life in Australia, sadly, is no exception. 

Last night I went out to dinner with a couple friends, all of whom I have met in the last couple weeks. (read: they don't yet understand my level of awkwardness.) So I order pizza. It looks amazing. It was amazing. Until I decided to add some Oregano. Now, Katie, to my right, had just successfully used the Oregano shaker and had no problem. That's probably because she's a normal person. So, the spices look ever so enticing and I decide to add some flair to my pizza as well. Fatal error. I start shaking, and then all of a sudden, the top flies off and I dump at least half of the bottle directly on my pizza. This is my life. It was still pretty good, albeit a little...herby. 


  1. Some things never change. Your friends will learn about the true you soon.



Welcome! I started Laura and Peter Down Under in July 2014 when my husband and I moved from the States to Melbourne, Australia for his job. I blog about expat life, our travels, food, and whatever else comes to mind. Follow along on our adventures Down Under!



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