Monday, September 15, 2014

More Food

We have eaten some awesome food since we've been in Melbourne. I had no idea this city had such an amazing food culture, and it's been a welcome surprise! One of my favorite new discoveries is "Avo Smash" which is avocado mixed with either cream or feta cheese to make a spread that goes over sourdough toast. It's often served with a poached egg and herbs, and is literally God's gift to the world. I had a particularity awesome Avo Smash breakfast on Sunday at brunch with some friends. 

This dish included dill and parsley, which were delicious. After breakfast, we walked down Acland Street in St. Kilda, which is known for its bakeries and restaurants. 
It's a very popular street!
We stopped at one of the many cake shops and I obviously got some chocolate cake. 
We then walked down to the ocean, passing Luna Park on the way. It's supposed to be a kiddy amusement park, although someone would have to pay me a million dollars to get on any one of those rides. 
The entrance is somewhat iconic; apparently Bachelor Australia visited Luna Park in a recent episode. 

The pier at St. Kilda is getting busier as the weather warms up. We walked through the marina and admired the boats. There was one tiny row boat that was half submerged in water and was overrun with algae. It obviously had been out of commission for some time. I think that was probably the only boat in the whole place I could afford!  
The city skyline from the end of the marina 
Katie, Michelle, me and Sylvie! 

After I got back from St. Kilda, Peter and I decided to check out the Mexican food festival that was happening in Federation Square. Melbourne isn't particularly known for its Mexican food, but there are a few really good "hipster taco bars" as Peter calls them. It might just be our new favorite restaurant category. 
We got tacos at this food truck 
Each taco was $6-$10. I will never get over the price of food here... 
The line for Mamasita, the first "hipster taco bar" we visited in Melbourne. It's AMAZING and extremely popular. We will probably drag anyone who visits here so you can see for yourself. 

We wouldn't have known about the food festival if we hadn't visited a taco bar called Touché Hombre the previous Friday. One of the bartenders, who happened to be from Iowa, told us about the festival and let us know they would have a booth. Their fish tacos were awesome and so was this fruity drink I ordered! 
I've never seen so much tequila. 

We are obviously enjoying the food here, and have probably gained 20 pounds, but we haven't purchased a scale and I intend to keep it that way! Today we moved into our new apartment. We are settling in and I'll take pictures when everything is set up! 


  1. Glad to hear you got moved into your new place! Am looking forward to seeing the photos.

  2. Our furniture is going to be delivered this weekend. Photos coming soon!



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