Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Good News!!!

The end of the long apartment saga is now in sight. We have thankfully been able to come to a deal with the property owner and will compromise on the fees they initially wanted to charge us to break the lease. That's great news for us, as we would have likely had to bring the matter to court and we don't want to spend our time in Australia battling over fees. 

It's bittersweet, as we both fell in love with the apartment and its location from the get-go and it's definitely a bummer we can't stay. But, we also can't continue to live in constant fear of a cockroach invasion! Not my cup of tea, for those who know me. I can't imagine whose cup of tea that would be, actually. Apparently the people who occupied the apartment before we did...

So stay tuned for details of our move, which are still being finalized. (By the way, this will make 4 moves in 4 months. We are definitely ready to settle!) In the mean time, a little reflection on our current digs, with which we have had a serious love/hate relationship. 

Things I will miss: 
1) The great location: Degraves Street is one of Melbourne's most iconic laneways. Great restaurants, cute shops, and my person favorite: a cupcake boutique. What could be better? Plus, we will miss being right across from the main train station, although we aren't moving too far, thankfully. 
Degraves street will be missed! 

2) Our window looks directly into the apartment of a young Asian man who lives in the less-immaculate student housing complex next door. I will sincerely miss the awkward eye contact made all too often as the poor guy tried to make a meal in his kitchen, only to be disrupted by my scurrying up the staircase post-shower after forgetting the blinds were open. 
I'll miss staring at his head. 

3) Speaking of the staircase...I probably will never again live anywhere with a spiral staircase. It's pretty cool, and we'll definitely miss it! 

Things I won't miss:
And that about sums it up! 

1 comment:

  1. I know you will miss your apartment but certainly not the bugs! On to greater and better things.
    Hopefully, you will like it just as much if not better. At least they have some interesting things - pool, golf game, theater, etc. ENJOY!



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