Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Favorite Foods

Among my greatest discoveries so far is the Australian version of Teddy Grahams. Tiny Teddy=God's gift to the world. 
They're even better than Teddy Grahams because they're dipped in chocolate on one side. 
I may or may not have eaten the entire box in one sitting. Because I don't want to deal with conversions (or because I like to live in denial about what I eat), I didn't bother looking at the nutrition facts. These obviously fall under the category of "health food". 

My second recently-discovered favorite food is actually an old favorite: gelato. However, I just discovered the best gelato on the face of the Earth. 
If you're in Melbourne, you haven't lived until you've tried The Lab Nitrogen Gelato. I had the chocolate one above, which even came with a syringe filled with chocolate syrup. It. Was. Amazing. For some reason, this place only has a 67% rating on Urban Spoon. Those people 1) are delusional or 2) lack taste buds.

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  1. In England I think this is a food group--"digestives" (how's that for a health food?) with chocolate on one side. We brought home a box or two when you were little, maybe your taste buds remember...



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