Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Lime

I know for a fact that this is going to be the most pointless blog post I ever write. Maybe the most pointless blog post ever written in history, period. But alas, I'm going to proceed. Peter and I stopped into McDonald's yesterday to get a quick lunch. We feel guilty eating McDonald's in a foreign, exotic country, but desperate times call for desperate measures. We were HUNGRY and we didn't have a lot of time. Plus, as I've mentioned many times, eating out is expensive here, and we've been eating out for all of our meals since we've arrived due to our dysfunctional kitchen (no fridge, roaches and a broken dishwasher). Not that McDonald's here is particularly cheap, anyway, but I digress. 

We ordered and sat down at a table during the busy lunch hour. There were tons of school children, who, it appears, are left to their own devices for lunch. The same goes for transportation- there are no school buses when public transport is so plentiful, apparently. By the way, all Australian children dress in fancy school uniforms. Like suit and tie fancy. Consequently, the kids look smarter. I haven't talked to any yet, so the jury is still out on whether their above-average dress is indeed a reflection of their intelligence. I digress again. 

We ordered, sat down, and then noticed there was a single lime on the floor. For some reason, we both found it hilarious. We spent the next few minutes musing about where it had come from and why it was there. Multiple people, including McDonald's employees, walked by it and either didn't see it or ignored it. 
And it gets better- a man who ordered a few minutes after us took the table to the right of the lime, just barely pictured. Before sitting down, he picked up the lime and set it on the table in front of his meal. This sent us into another bout of hysterical laughter slash confusion. Was the lime his? Did he pick it up so no one would trip on it? Was he going to eat it? Do Australians eat limes PLAIN? Do they sell limes at McDonald's in Australia? 

The man ate quickly and as he got up, we watched carefully to see if he would take his (?) lime. He didn't. We contemplated running after him but "sir, you forgot your lime" just sounded too lame. So there it sat on the table until a group of school kids sat down and one boy said to his "mate" in his adorable Australian accent "there's a lime on this table!" as if he had just won the lottery. We didn't stick around long enough to find out its fate. Maybe the boy took it home. Maybe someone threw it away. Maybe it's still sitting on the table. 

And that, my friends, is the story of the disproportionately entertaining lime. 

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