Sunday, July 20, 2014


Our weekend began on Friday morning (Peter has Fridays off) at IKEA, where we picked out a few essential items, most importantly, a bed. We spent the first few nights in our apartment on a $20 air mattress purchased from Big W. Needless to say, it wasn't comfortable. We spent one last night on the air mattress on Friday before IKEA could deliver our items on Saturday.

Peter works Saturdays, so while he was away I stayed home to let in the plumber, who fixed the toilet, and the IKEA delivery guys, who brought the bed! After Peter got home from work, we started assembling the bed. When I say we, I mean Peter put the bed together and I handed him screws and read the directions. It only took a few hours and wasn't too difficult. For me, at least. Peter probably begs to differ.
And here's the finished product! 
After putting the bed together we went for a walk on Southbank, which is the area just south of the river and is filled with fun restaurants and bars. It's a very classy area that seems to attract a lot of locals and tourists alike.

While we were walking, these decorative panels along the river began shooting fire out of the top. It was really cool! I don't know if this is a nightly thing or what but it was fun to see!
 We then walked across a waffle-patterned metal bridge to get back on our side of the river.
Speaking of bridges, there are a number of interesting ones in Melbourne over the the Yarra River. Here's another:
On Sunday we slept in and then took our massive IKEA bag full of laundry to the laundromat. We don't have a washer/dryer yet and will either buy or rent one in the next couple weeks. Strangely, we couldn't find any laundromats right downtown, so we went to South Yarra, the place we stayed the first week, and did laundry there. We ate some pizza next door while we waited for our laundry to be done. It wasn't too painful!

In the afternoon we made a trip to Big W (a daily occurrence recently) for some bed sheets and then headed out to St. Kilda Pier for the long--awaited Penguin sighting!! It was a beautiful day, so we walked on the beach, watched the sun set, and then sure enough, the penguins appeared on the rocks! 
Peter with the city in the background
Here I am at the end of the pier. 
And now the Penguins:
Some were shy and hid in the rocks. There were about 50 people gathered taking pictures, so I wonder if they would come out a little further if there were fewer people. This one wasn't too scared, but didn't look too happy either!
And that concludes the weekend report! This week we have some chores to get done-the heater guy is coming to clean the filter and finally show us how to work the dang thing today. Tomorrow, the cable and internet guy is coming. I'm hoping to add the exterminator to that list, as our poison seems to be working, but I don't want to take any chances with those gross roaches. Check back for an update later this week!

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  1. So fun to follow your adventures. Sounds like you are doing great and learning all kinds of new things. Yeah for the bed and Peter figuring out how to assemble it. The directions and screws are important so you really did help. Have a fun week.



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