Monday, July 14, 2014

Degraves Street Apartment

We finally got an apartment! We will be living at 9 Degraves Street, at least for the next year and a half! We were approved for both of our apartment choices, but chose the one downtown with the spiral staircase. This was my first choice, and Peter really likes it too. To beat out the other applicants, we signed an 18 month lease, so let's hope it works out :). Here are some pictures from the website:

The apartment is bigger than most of the others we have seen (hard to believe, I know) so we are happy with that! It's on a cozy but busy street filled with restaurants and shops, pictured here: 

We are across from the main train station, as I mentioned in my last post, which makes Peter's commute quite easy. It will take him about 15 minutes to get to work and 25 to get home. 

If you are at all familiar with Melbourne, the map below will give you an idea of where we are living. If you aren't familiar with Melbourne, it will mean nothing to you until you come visit us :). 
Another plus: this cupcake store is right outside our door


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