Thursday, July 31, 2014

My New Best Friend

Here's Chris, my new best friend, exterminating the apartment 
I have never in my life been so excited to see someone. If you have kept up with my blog, you know that the day we moved in, we realised we had some unwanted roommates. Usually nothing really irks me other than spiders, and I wasn't too disturbed by the first one I saw. I thought it must be some kind of Australia beetle. Well it wasn't. It was a German cockroach. Lucky us. 

It was quite a hassle getting the apartment management company to get us an exterminator, but finally they relented and sent someone out today.
Chris arrived this morning and I asked about a zillion questions (I'm sure he thought I was completely insane) but was disappointed when he couldn't assure me that I would never see another roach again. Turns out cockroaches are extremely hard to get rid of, they probably live in our entire building (it doesn't help that we live above restaurants), and he will probably have to come back to re-treat in a couple weeks. Not what I wanted to hear. 

He basically told me that he could keep them to a minimum, but we might see the occasional roach and that either we live in the city and deal with it or we could move further out and deal with different bugs (ie. large spiders). GAAAAAA!!!!!  I asked if I would see any of those large spiders in my apartment in the city and his response was "perhaps." Great. Have no fear, Chris assured me that the hospitals are well equipped to deal with poisonous bites and they all have anti-venom on hand. Wonderful. As he walked out the door, his parting words were "welcome to Australia!" Indeed. 


  1. I having a hard time making the comments work. I'll try it again. Here is my original comment that got deleted:

    I won't tell your old best friend, the guy who sprayed for spiders and wasps at our house, about your new best friend. He might be jealous!

  2. Sometimes mine don't post the first time either, for whatever reason. Clarify with bug guy USA that I only have a new AUSTRALIAN best friend ;).

  3. So far my comments don't ever post...

  4. Bugs are a real nuisance. They pester, they squirm into hard to reach places and they are localized to such a degree that they bring their own sicknesses and hazards to us. Better track them and get rid of them fast, than being merely acclimated to their presence. Most especially since we barely have a clue what else their presence can bring. Good thing you've found a friend in Chris the exterminator. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing that! I hope you get rid of those bugs permanently.

    Debra Owen @ Invader

    1. Totally agree! We ended up moving to a new apartment that is bug-free! Couldn't deal with the existing problem at the old place...



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