Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day Weekend

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers out there! We had a great weekend celebrating with my mom, who was in San Antonio for a short vacation. We met up a few times for dinner during the week, and then spent Saturday on the River Walk for a few hours before their flight back home. It's starting to get really hot here, and I hear we're just getting started. I'm starting to think that if I survive my first Texas summer, it will be a miracle. Side note: I went to Old Navy today to try to get some shorts and MAN, that was a rude awakening. Time to hit the gym! Why are flattering shorts so hard to find?

Here we are at the River Walk, sweating almost to death:

Watching the boats go by. We took one of these river cruises last time my mom was in town, and it was really fun. I think it was November, though, so it was much cooler and therefore probably more enjoyable. Also, that water is quite the unique shade of...brownish green. Yuck.
We stayed in San Antonio until mid-afternoon, and then headed home for the rest of the evening. I haven't mentioned this yet on the blog, but we're getting ready to gain a new roommate for the summer! My youngest sister, Kathryn, has an summer internship in Austin so she will be moving into Ali's room in a couple of weeks. It will be a full house, and I'm sure Peter's dream come true ;), but I can hardly wait! After spending two years in Australia and missing quite a few family events, it will be fun to catch up a bit on some lost time with all of us girls in the same city.

On Sunday, Peter set out early to get a round of golf in with a coworker before it got unberably hot, which happened to be at about 10 am. Ali and I went for brunch at Hillside Farmacy, an adorable little place in East Austin.

After regrouping at home midday, we decided to trek up to Cedar Park, a suburb about 20 minutes north of Austin, to check out the first Whole Foods 365 store in the country. As you probably know, Whole Foods has a reputation for being ridiculouly expensive. While I can always justify splurging on quality meat and fish, I don't necessarily want to spend $10 on generic brown rice, nor do I care if it's organic, etc. so I usually skip Whole Foods altogether. I know they have been working on a lower-priced store for some time to lure in millenials, and the first one is now open! It mainly features their own 365 brand, and is definitely cheaper than the flagship store. It's a good start, and especially if you're into organic food, but we still feel like H-E-B wins out overall.
We got a few things, including steaks we (Peter) grilled last night for dinner that were really good. I also discovered this juice, and I can't tell yet if I like it enough to buy it again. Turmeric is everywhere right now and is suppsed to be really good for you. I read awhile back that you should mix a teaspoon with pepper in lemon juice and drink it once a day. I tried it, and then made Peter try it, and we both almost threw up. So, I gave up on it altogether until I saw this juice, which I can confirm isn't horrible.
That about sums up our weekend. This week is pretty quiet with mainly work and planning our trip to London in June on the agenda. Peter is going home to visit his grandparents in northern Minnesota for Memorial Day, and Kathryn will be coming down that weekend, so we are anticipating a busy start to the summer!


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