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Day Trip: Fredericksburg

Blog Revival

I haven't posted in forever. Don't fret, though...I'm in the process of renaming/redesigning the blog, so it's not going away anytime soon! For awhile, I didn't post much because I thought my life wasn't interesting enough post-Australia. Which may be true. I work full time now, and my day-to-day life isn't nearly as novel as it used to be. But then I realized that I like having a place to look back on all our pictures and adventures, however mundane they may be. Plus, the blogs I like to read aren't necessarily about earth-shatteringly interesting topics all the time, it's just fun to see what people are doing. I suppose blogging in itself is a little bit self-indulgent, but whatever. If people find it boring or don't care, then they don't have to read it!

So, I've got a few new names for the blog I've been tossing around (since we haven't been 'Down Under' in over six months) but any ideas are welcome! Please send them my way :) 


Day Trip To Fredericksburg

On to our latest day trip: Fredericksburg! If you have no idea what/where that is, you're not alone. I hadn't heard of Fredericksburg until a few girls from work mentioned that they attended recent bachelorette parties there. Basically, it's an adorable little old German town about an hour and a half straight west of Austin with TONS of vineyards and wineries. You could definitely make a weekend out of it, but it's also a pretty easy day trip from both Austin and San Antonio. We headed over on a Sunday morning, and since most of the wineries don't open until noon on Sunday, we didn't have to leave particularly early, which was an added bonus. 

Wildseed Farms

Our first stop was this adorable flower farm a few miles east of the main drag of Fredericksburg. Ali was googling around and found it somehow, but it's quite the attraction. In the late summer and fall, Wildseed Farms has amazing sunflower fields. According to Instagram, at least. We stopped into the cute garden store to look around and check out the spring flowers. It was the cutest little place, with tons of old people milling around. It was basically a grandparent mecca, and since we're old at heart, we fit right in.

 We mainly saw poppy fields this early in the season. They were so pretty!

We aren't gardeners by any means. Actually, we've never gardened anything. I'm currently on my longest streak of keeping a plant alive, and I think it's been six months. The point is, you don't have to be a flower fanatic to appreciate Wildseed Farms!

We drove straight into town and were pretty hungry, so we had lunch at a really good burger place and looked around a little bit. We must have been really focused on food because I took zero pictures. After checking out some shops, we headed to our first winery, Barons Creek. The weather on this particular day was perfect. It was chilly in the morning, and then warmed up nicely in the sun, but it wasn't hot and there was no humidity, which we cherished, knowing that we'll be dripping sweat in a matter of weeks here in Texas.

Barons Creek Vineyards

There were some cute villas in the back of this vineyard that you could rent out, and a really pretty patio area popular for weddings and events. The whole place was only a year or so old, but I foresee it being a popular weekend getaway!
We did a tasting inside, purchased a bottle of their white wine, and the headed out to the courtyard to enjoy the weather. It felt very Tuscan for Texas!

Grape Creek Vineyards

We headed over to Grape Creek Vineyards as we made our way back toward Austin, and it was hoppin' (that would have been a good brewery pun). There was even a private deck for wine club members, and we are all seriously thinking about joining. These people were LIVING. 

We grabbed a glass and sat near one of the fountains enjoying the weather, admiring the array of dogs people brought, and listening to the live music.

 We then headed over to look at the vineyard for a few minutes.

It was a great day, and we are already planning a trip back to hit up a few more wineries, see the wildflowers in bloom, and check out an alpaca farm in the area. More to come :)


  1. Yay for blogging! I love hearing about your adventures!

  2. I'm glad that y'all enjoyed your first trip to Fredericksburg! We had so much fun during our weekend trip last year and I can't wait for another weekend of winery hopping!



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