Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was a fun one, but HOT. Peter was in Northern Minnesota visiting his grandparents, and Ali had some friends in town. After work on Friday, I met Ali and her friends and we headed out to the bars on Rainey Street. There's a new circus-themed bar that just opened up a few months ago that we stopped at first, and then we headed to our favorite- the Container Bar, made out of old shipping containers. It was super fun but I don't know if I've ever been so hot in my life. The outdoor bar thing is great until it's ten million degrees and all you want to do is take a shower.

On Saturday, we headed to Terry Black's for dinner so Ali's out-of-town guests could try some Texas BBQ. They loved it so much they went back on Sunday! Peter is a die-hard barbecue fan/critic so he will wait in line for hours to get the best. I'm not that dedicated, and it all tastes relatively the same to me, so I love Terry Black's because the line is never THAT long. Speaking of barbecue, we went to La Barbeque last weekend, which is a much-hyped food truck.

We only waited for about an hour, but by the time we got our food the line was probably 200 people long, and I can't imagine how long the people at the end waited. There was one lady in line eating a tide-over burrito if that tells you anything!

We all concluded that it was good, as is any barbecue in Texas, but we definitely wouldn't wait for hours. 

On Sunday, I picked up our youngest sister Kathryn at the airport. If you remember from my last post, she's spending the summer with us. She has an internship at a media company and we're super excited to have another roommate for a couple months! We immediately went to the mattress store to get her a bed (she's bunking in Ali's room) and then picked up some groceries. For dinner, I took her to P. Terry's, which is probably my favorite fast-food burger chain ever. There's one just down the road from us that we frequent a bit too often. 

Monday was Memorial Day, but I had to work a half day. I met some coworkers at Mozart's Coffee, a cute coffee shop on Lake Austin, to knock out a few hours of work. We had been there once before to see the big Christmas light show they put on every year, but I had kind of forgotten about it since then. We sat outside and for once it wasn't too hot, so that was fun! I met Ali and Kathryn at the mall when I was done working and then later I picked up Peter from the airport. 

Everyone is back to work today. I snapped this picture of Kathryn before she and Ali headed out the door for work and her first day of her internship: 

That about wraps up our weekend...I hope everyone else had a great Memorial Day! 


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