Monday, April 13, 2015

Farm Animals and a Sad Looking Penguin

On Saturday, I made my fourth trip to Phillip Island, this time with Sylvie, Katie, and Katie's cousin Lara who is currently traveling around Australia and happened to be in Melbourne last weekend. We did all of the usual stuff, but because I've done quite a few posts about Phillip Island (here, here, here and here), I decided to highlight some places I hadn't been on previous trips. 

On the way there we saw a few signs for a petting zoo-type farm (aka a giant tourist trap). Because we are suckers for animals and cheesy tourist destinations, we obviously had to stop.  My goal in life is to own a farm, after all. 
I thought this sign was hilarious.
My farmer friends. 
Katie loved this little guy until she realized he was eating her scarf. He bit a really impressively large sized hole before she realized and pulled away, at which point he started eating my shoe laces. I love goats. 
Borrowing some of Sylvie's photos here...super cute! 
I don't understand people who are not obsessed with llamas.
Katie and Lara being tourists. 
Classic life-size plastic cow picture. 

We then continued on to a cheese shop, where we did some tasting and bought a snack before arriving at Phillip Island. We headed to the Nobbies first and found this little beach on the way where surfing lessons were underway. It looked like the perfect place to learn-small waves and calm water. I'm going to keep this beach in mind for when we decide to try surfing. 
On our way back up to the car, we found a penguin just sitting on the sand. Phillip Island is best known as home to thousands of little penguins and its primary tourist attraction is the Penguin Parade, when thousands of little penguins swim up to shore each night. Apparently the penguins are molting right now, which explains this little guy's rough appearance: 
Surprisingly, he wasn't scared of us at all and let us get within a few feet of him to take a picture. Adding penguin to the list of animals I will keep on my future farm. 

Sylvie took this picture on her legit camera at the Nobbies:
Our next stop was Cape Woolamai beach to catch the tail end of a surfing competition. I had never seen a surfing competition before and I can't say I understand them any better after this experience. I wasn't sure who was competing at any given time or how they were scored. Either way, it was cool to see!
There were some really cute surfer kids who somehow manage to stay tan year round and looked like they were plucked from the set of a movie. 
It started to get chilly as the sun set, but I enjoyed being able to walk on the beach without sweltering, which is unavoidable in the summer months. Before I moved to Australia, I assumed the whole country was hot year round, but that's only the case in the north. Here in Melbourne we enjoy variable weather and actual seasons, which I love. These 70 degree fall days are perfect for exploring!


  1. You're going to be so jealous- the b&b we're staying at this weekend in Adelaide has llamas and sheep at it!

    1. UMMM I'm coming. I'll sleep on your couch? Or outside with the llamas...



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