Thursday, April 2, 2015

Great Ocean Road

This post is long overdue, but better late than never! While my mom and grandparents were visiting in February we took them down the Great Ocean Road, one of the world's most scenic coastal drives beginning in Torquay and spanning about 150 miles along the coast. It was definitely one of the highlights of their trip and fun to get out of the city for a day. We made the trip on what turned out to be a cloudy, somewhat chilly day but luckily the Great Ocean Road is beautiful regardless of the weather. 
The Loch Ard Gorge
The Twelve Apostles, the most famous Great Ocean Road landmark and truly an amazing sight. 
My grandma, mom and me at the Twelve Apostles. 
This super dramatic sign made me laugh. You're not just going to trip, you're going to DIE.  
Beautiful coastline!
The drive is extremely varied; the road alternates between following the coastline, winding through rainforest areas and traveling through brush covered hills. 
We stopped at Great Otway National Park and spotted a few koalas. I've decided koala photography is extremely difficult, especially with a IPhone. 
Here's one a bit closer just off the road in Kennet River. 
There were wild parrots all over this area. Of course parrots + koalas = tourists, so they were extremely confident landing anywhere and everywhere. 
At first, this one just landed on my hand like a normal parrot. 
Then they slowly began attacking our heads...
My grandma's face is priceless. She was trying to take a picture of me getting mobbed by parrots when one landed on her head. She still got the picture, though:
I was still holding the one parrot on my hand when another came up and sat on my head, which was fine until he started to walk down my face and proceeded to attack it. Getting bit by a wild parrot is a true accomplishment. 
My grandpa and his parrot friend. The whole experience was pretty funny! 
There were tons of places to turn off on the road and look out on the beaches. So many amazing views! 
The classic sign. 
Our last stop was Torquay (we started at the Twelve Apostles and made our way back toward Melbourne), which is famous for surfers. There were at least 50 out that day-this was just a few of them. 

While driving around Torquay the sun started to set and we saw what had to be hundreds of kangaroos bouncing through a field in the sunset. They were too far away to take a picture, but it was the most Australian thing that's ever happened and an awesome sight for our visitors to see! 

We will continue to bring any and all visitors down the Great Ocean Road. There may be a more beautiful stretch of road somewhere in the world, but I doubt it! 


  1. I love the parrot pictures!!!! That is so funny, I'm disappointed we didn't stop there. If I had only known I could get attacked by parrots we would have stopped for sure.

    1. I should have mentioned it on Friday before you guys went!! Totally forgot!

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