Thursday, April 23, 2015

Grand Trailer Park Taverna

I've been hearing a lot about the Grand Trailer Park Taverna recently, so naturally, Sylvie, Jana and I had to check it out last night. The restaurant is a self-proclaimed "east coast trailer park inspired wonderland" that serves an array of burgers, drinks and desserts. So basically my kind of place. 
The lighting was nothing short of fluorescent, hence the especially low-quality iPhone pic. I wish I would have taken more pictures inside the restaurant, but of course I got too wrapped up in ordering my burger. 

Having seen a fabulous looking dessert delivered to the table next to us, we ordered the smallest, most basic burger on the menu to save some room. Not that it was that small:
The burger was really good, but the real star of the show was this epic dessert:
Yes, that's ice cream and brownie chunks topped with an obscene amount of whipped cream, and yes it was the best thing I've ever tasted. 
Sylvie and Jana, who was distracted by the masterpiece in front of her. 
Sylvie took this picture and said it was the happiest she had ever seen me. Priorities. We came sooooo close to finishing the whole thing, but in the end left a few bites. There is nothing more tragic than not finishing a dessert. 

And that was our night at the Grand Trailer Park Taverna! I have a feeling I'll be back. 

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