Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Vacation Planning

I've always enjoyed making lists. Actually, I enjoy checking things off of lists more than actually making them. I have even been known to add an already-accomplished task to my to-do list just so I could check it off. Try it...it's strangly  satisfying. So, as a serial list maker, I've kept a bucket list for the better part of my life, starting around age 12. The original contained many milestones that seem mundane in hindsight but were undoubtedly super-important at the time. I distinctly remember "go to prom" near the top-check! I've re-written the list approximately 389 times since then to reflect my changing interests and priorities but as long as I can remember, the Great Barrier Reef has remained near the top of every subsequent draft. This is why I am so excited that after 14 odd years, it's finally happening! Yesterday we booked our flights to Mackay, where we will spend 5 days at the Great Barrier Reef in May!

We don't have any details planned yet other than the flights, but we definitely want to snorkel and possibly do a boat trip for a day or two. So, if anyone has any suggestions for activities, where to stay, eat, etc. please let me know in the comments! 

Until then I'll be over here Google-imaging pictures of the Whitsundays and, because I am also a serial worrier, calculating my risk of being eaten by a shark in the Reef. 


  1. Yay! So exciting! We are going in May too, this time to Cairns though. You're going to looooove it so much. Everyone wanted to know how beautiful Fiji was after we went but compared to Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsundays it's nothing. You HAVE to go there.

    1. PS sometimes I add "shower" or "eat lunch" to my to do list just so I have more to check off. I really need to work.

    2. Ahhh I am so excited! Did you stay on an island or the mainland when you visited Whitehaven Beach??

      So far today I've checked off "shower", "eat breakfast" and "nap". REALLLLLY need to get to "employment".

  2. You will have a WONDERFUL time. I'd love to go too! Take LOTS of Pictures!!!

  3. Best of luck on planning a grand vacation, Laura! It can be quite an arduous process, with all the factors that you have to deal with and take into account, such as the budget, distance, safety etc. However, that's just in support of what vacation is, which is an opportunity not just to simply walk the pathways of the world, but to chart your own geography from it, and seize all time and place. You should be well-guided by that by vacation tours and services that are available. Bon voyage!

    Garrett Newman @ Branson Regal

    1. Exactly! Planning the vacation is half the fun :). I see you're in Branson? I used to work there!



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