Sunday, March 8, 2015

Family in Melbourne Part 2

We have been returning to "normal" life after getting to spend nearly the whole month of February with my mom and grandparents. Peter was able to work mostly from home last month, so he is readjusting to his regular work schedule now that the school year has started up. Our guests kindly hosted us for essentially every meal, whether at their hotel or in a restaurant, so our fridge pretty much sat empty all month. I've been reminded of what a chore grocery shopping is here, as I can only carry a few bags at a time. I avoid buying milk and juice at all costs. SO HEAVY. My friend Lauren finally broke down and got a granny trolly (probably not the technical name) to pull her groceries. I'm considering jumping on the bandwagon as well. 

Anyway, it was so much fun to be able to show my family around Melbourne. I've slowly been posting pictures from all of our adventures both around the city and in Phillip Island. Next I'll post about our trip down the Great Ocean Road-definitely a highlight of the trip-but for now, here are some more pictures of our time in Melbourne. 
My grandpa trying on authentic Australian hats at a shop in the Botanic Gardens. 
We took a golf cart tour around the Gardens, which was a good way to see everything without having to do tons of walking. 
The river cruise we took down to Williamstown. It rained on and off all day, but luckily the boat was covered.
The view of Melbourne in the rain, on our way back into the city. 
A cronut-type pastry at Adriano Zumbo. I think we should get an award for being last month's most frequent customers.
We enjoyed brunch at Two Birds One Stone, a cute little spot next to Adriano Zumbo. 
I ordered the avo toast, of course!
Their hotel in South Yarra was just down the street from a steakhouse called Squires Loft that was SO GOOD. 
Chocolate brownie mouse cake at Ganache Chocolate. 
Some sort of chocolate raspberry cake.
We went to the Crown Casino (located across the street from our apartment) and looked around. It's HUGE and quite nice. 
We played some $1 slot machines. I won $4, which might be a personal record. Generally I lose $1 and then quit. 
There were these anti-gambling PSA signs on every single machine; the one on the left says "In the end, the machine will win" which I thought was kind of funny. I think as a group we pretty much broke even. Not bad for an hour or so of entertainment! 

Stay tuned for pictures of our day on the Great Ocean Road!


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