Saturday, March 7, 2015

Real Housewives of Melbourne

Anyone who knows me knows that I love the Real Housewives. Specifically, Orange County, New Jersey, and Beverly Hills but I'll pretty much watch any of them when I need a dose of mindless TV (should I admit that's fairly often?). When I moved to Melbourne last year the Real Housewives of Melbourne was just premiering in the US and a few friends texted me about the people and places on the show. We were in the process of getting settled and didn't have cable set up in time to catch season one, but season two just premiered a few weeks ago and it's my new obsession. Living in a city with its own franchise is the next best thing to starring on one of the shows (#goals). In addition to watching the mindless drama go down, it's fun to see familiar restaurants and landmarks on the show. Because I'm a borderline stalker, I tracked down what I think is Pettifleur's (apparently that's a name) apartment on Swanston Street. I'm pretty sure she lives in the penthouse of this building:
There were some rumors floating that one of the housewives moved into the newly-completed penthouse of our apartment complex. I would pass this off as gossip except for the fact that her family owns the development company that built our apartment building. I have yet to see her, but trust me, I'm looking.


  1. I have always wanted to watch this and now that we just got Foxtel installed I can! I think the complex in the photo may be part of the Westin Hotel? But I could be wrong, or maybe they have private apartments. What restaurants do the Housewives go to?

    1. Yes the apartments are above the Westin, I think! So far they've been to a few restaurants in the Crown Casino.



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