Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Kangaroos Are The Best

Because we had such a good time on our mini vacation to Phillip Island last month, we took a quick day trip today to show Sam some of the highlights. The weather has been crazy lately; it was 65 and extremely windy today, but the forecast predicts a high of 104 and sunshine by Friday. There is a legitimate possibility that I will melt. Notwithstanding today's chilly temperatures (I recognize by characterizing 65 degrees as "chilly", I am angering approximately 90% of my readership currently freezing to death in Minnesota...sorry guys) we had a great time feeding kangaroos at the wildlife park and observing the Nobbies. I don't know what the name "Nobbies" actually means, but it's basically a collection of large rocks. More glamorous than it sounds, I promise.

Here are just a few photos (I forgot the GoPro this time which was a bummer). I won't go overboard since my earlier Phillip Island post features these two activities as well, so refer to it for more kangaroo picture than you ever wanted to see. 
Roo with a joey! I will never not love feeding kangaroos. It's funny how some are really gentle while taking the food out of your hand, and then others are extremely aggressive and hop in your face until you feed them. Obviously, I prefer the latter. 
Sam feeding his first kangaroo! 
Wallaby feeding selfie. The wind got the better of my hair. 

My kangaroo pictures are nothing compared to what Sam was able to capture on his camera. This is perhaps the greatest photo ever taken of a kangaroo:
Another great photo. So regal.
And me doing what I do best.
Sam and Peter observing the Nobbies. 
Because of the high winds, the waves were extra powerful. If the ocean doesn't already terrify you, visit this place and it will. 
In a testament to the ever-changing Melbourne weather, in the 15 or so minutes between when the first picture and this last one were taken, the sky cleared and the sun came out. 

On a random food-related note, we had brunch at Top Paddock yesterday and I had the best pancakes in the entire world. 

On Friday we will rent a car and drive down to Torquay since there's not much else to do when it's 10 billion degrees outside. Then we will rent a car again on Sunday and head down the Great Ocean Road, which I've been dying to do for months, before we all go back to the States next week. 


  1. Wonderful pictures. Wow - Sam is getting to see a lot. See you soon.

    1. We will have to do some kangaroo feeding when you are here!

  2. You are braver than me, I get nervous when the roos get too close and just drop the food on the ground. I'm a wimp, I know. I do the same thing at our ranch feeding the cows. I am just not of any animal's mouth (or slobbery tongue) anywhere near my hands.

    1. Sometimes I freak out if they start getting too jumpy or start to follow me when I walk away! I do love the cute polite ones though :)

  3. I think the feeling when they are eating out of your had is so weird also. Wonderful pictures. www.eatallovertheworld.weebly.com

    1. Thanks! Ya it's definitely an odd thing...never thought I would be feeding kangaroos :)



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