Saturday, December 27, 2014

Half Moon Bay

We are continuing to show Sam around Melbourne this weekend, and the weather has been nearly perfect! On Friday, we walked through Fitzroy Gardens (to the east of the CBD) and then stopped by St. Patrick's Cathedral.
Without question one of the most beautiful buildings in Melbourne. 

We decided to head north of the CBD to Lygon Street for dinner. The area is known for its Italian restaurants, and while many were closed due to Boxing Day, we found a great restaurant called Carmine's Bistro. 
Sam and Peter waiting for their food. 
Chicken pesto pizza and some sort of sausage pizza- both delicious. 
Spaghetti Bolognese- also delicious.

After dinner, we had what has to be the best gelato in the entire world. I suppose it's possible better gelato exists somewhere in the world, but I highly doubt it. My phone had died by this point so I didn't get a picture, but a photo probably wouldn't do it justice anyway. If you are anywhere near Lygon Street, or in Melbourne in general, you MUST go to Pidapipo. We will most definitely be going back, probably weekly/daily. 

On Saturday, we ventured down the coast to Half Moon Bay in Sandringham. It's only about 30 minutes out of the city, and the beach is much nicer than St. Kilda or Brighton. The only drawback was the somewhat long walk from the train station to Half Moon Bay. It was definitely worth it though. The water is crystal clear and it wasn't nearly as crowded as the beaches closer to the city. 
There's a shipwreck off of the beach that you can just barely make out in this picture. 
After a long day at the beach, we went for dessert at Brunetti. Their flourless chocolate cake is amazing. 

Although today is supposed to be really hot and sunny, we will probably skip the beach. Sam and Peter are both sporting pretty intense sunburns that would probably not be helped by another day in the sun. And they laughed at me for applying SPF 45 every hour...


  1. What a lovely sounding (and looking!) weekend! That chicken and pesto pizza looks delicious too... such food and travel envy right now!

    1. The pizza was to die for. I would try to find a recipe or something to recreate it at home but know I would just be disappointed! And Half Moon Bay was fabulous!



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