Sunday, April 24, 2016

Family Visit Highlights Part 3

I'm back with the third installment of photos from my family's recent trip to Melbourne! If you missed my first two posts, you can see them here and here.

As you've probably gathered by now if you've read the blog for any extended period of time, the Great Ocean Road is a must-see on any trip to Melbourne. Although my dad did an awesome job driving on the left side of the road down to Phillip Island earlier in their trip, we decided it would be best to have a seasoned left-side-driver guide us down the Great Ocean Road. For one thing, the road itself is extremely narrow and winding, so when you add a bunch of tourists it can make for a stressful situation. It's also quite a long trek to make in one day, and the driver pretty much misses out on all the fantastic views. So, the best option for our group was to hire a driver/tour guide for the day, which turned out to be fun, stress-free, and highly entertaining. 

Here we are in the van, putting the selfie stick to good use! 
Our driver, Francois, was hilarious. He was originally from Paris but has lived in Australia for years. His nephew owns the tour company and he occasionally helps him out with tours when they're busy (we went on Good Friday, so it was definitely busy!). In his everyday life, he works as a producer and artist and told us some hilarious stories about interactions with various famous models during his career. He served as a great guide and showed us a few places even Peter and I had not yet discovered on our many previous trips. 
One of these new discoveries was the Anglesea Golf Course, where these all but domesticated kangaroos hung out. It was actually pretty funny how they just sat on the driving range, totally unconcerned with the golfers. 
We stopped at a few scenic overlooks, including this one, which I think I've probably photographed 100 times. It never gets old! 
One of the perks of hiring a driver: group photos not taken with a selfie stick! 
We stopped at this beach of man-made rock formations. I added a rock to one of the towers and then we took some beach pictures. 
A selfie featuring Kathryn, Hannah and me with my dad taking a picture of Peter taking a picture in the background. So many photos! 
Kathryn playing on the rocks. 
One of our stops was a rainforest walk on the inland stretch of the Great Ocean Road. Peter and I did one of these the first time we ever made the trip, but it was through a different forest. Kathryn immediately put her hood up, convinced a life-size spider was going to drop from the trees. Thankfully, we saw exactly zero wildlife during this portion of the trip!
I actually might submit this one to Awkward Family Photos. 
We got to The Twelve Apostles around mid-afternoon, along with approximately 72927161 other people. The viewing platform is always busy, but since it was Easter weekend, there were tons of people. 
There was a bench on the walkway that helped us get a couple of good pictures in front of the landforms. 
Francois, being an artist, had some quirky photo suggestions such as this one if Hannah and Kathryn. 
Then we headed to the Loch Ard Gorge, one of my favorite places along the Great Ocean Road. 
I forget the name of these rocks, but this was our last stop and another area Peter and I hadn't been in the past. The sun was starting to set and the rocks looked amazing in the light. 
We had a fabulous time on the Great Ocean Road, and I'm really glad my dad and Peter (the only other potential driver) were both able to enjoy the views instead of staring at the road for 10 hours! 

On my family's last night in Melbourne, we discovered Meatmaiden, an AMAZING restaurant in the city. I honestly can't believe I had never heard of this place until a few weeks ago! 
And to finish off a great last night in Melbourne, we ordered a huge tub of Gelato Messina to the Melbourne Club and ate the entire thing. No shame! 
Peter and I really enjoyed having my family in town and wish they could have stayed longer! We don't have any visitors scheduled to visit for the rest of the year, so we're going to start harassing friends and family to come back! ;) 

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  1. I forgot about the tub of gelato. How could I forget about that? Gelato Messina is awesome and they deliver! Love the recap of the Great Ocean Road trip. Francois was a terrific guide. We'd love to come back! The first thing we'd do is have dinner at Meatmaiden. Melbourne has an unbelievable amount of good food of all types.



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