Monday, April 25, 2016

New Camera!

We've finally joined the rest of the world and purchased a "real" camera! After getting the chance to test out a couple DSLR cameras courtesy of our recent visitors, Peter and I finally caved and bought one for ourselves just in time for our trip to Japan. We have been interested in learning a bit more about photography for a couple of years, so we decided now was a good time to start! Although we probably won't be using it on an everyday basis (sorry, you haven't seen the last of my crappy iPhone photos on the blog!), we thought it would be nice to have along on vacations and to practice our (currently nonexistent) photography skills around Melbourne. Peter is much more into figuring out the various settings than I am (I mainly use the auto function) and he may end up taking most of the pictures on this camera. I will likely stick mostly with my phone, our old digital camera, or the GoPro on vacations. Basically, cameras to which I can attach a selfie stick. 

If you're curious, we bought the Canon Rebel 6 and I have absolutely no clue what that means, other than I should be able to figure out how to use it. I explicitly said to the salesperson at the camera store that I had no experience with photography, didn't know the difference between lenses or settings, and wasn't interested in something so complicated I would get frustrated trying to figure it out and quit immediately. He pointed us to the Canon Rebel 6, and so far it's been fairly easy to figure out. I still haven't mastered the portrait setting or any of the manual controls (vibrant, shade, etc.) but we decided to head over to the Shrine of Remembrance today to check out the ANZAC Day festivities and play around with the camera. 
I quickly discovered that my favorite pictures to take are super close-ups.
I realize posting a random selfie with not much in the background is super vain, but you can really see the difference in quality when you're on the portrait setting versus auto. Peter took this one, obviously.
Peter takes much more artistic shots than I do...such as this one of his shoes.
There's a really pretty wall lining one of the entrances to the Shrine where you can insert a poppy in remembrance or honor of someone who has served in the armed forces. These were some of my favorite pictures!
We leave for Japan on Thursday night, so get ready for photo overload!


  1. Beautiful shots. So happy you got the camera before Japan. Excited to see what you take photos of.

  2. Nice shoes, Peter! Have fun in Japan.



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