Friday, March 18, 2016

More Visitors!!

We have happily already had quite a few visitors this year. My sister Ali and her friend Jess came in January, Peter's parents were here for several weeks in February, and my parents just arrived on Wednesday. My youngest sister Kathryn and her roommate arrive on Sunday, so we are saving our main touristing for next week. So far, we've wandered the CBD (in 90 degree heat!), did some shopping on Collins Street, brunched at two of my favorites places, and visited the Shrine of Remembrance and the National Gallery of Victoria. Today was a perfect indoor museum day, as the temperature plummeted overnight to a chilly, windy, rainy 60 degrees. I haven't taken too many pictures yet, but here's a little bit of what we've been up to! 

Upon arrival, my dad, who runs a political website, sat down to do a quick post. This is the living area in their room at the Athenaeum Club on Collins Street. It's a beautiful building, with one downside: women aren't allowed in some of the best rooms- including the main bar. Seems a bit silly to me that in 2016 a club still maintains that rule!
We wandered around the club a bit and stumbled upon this cool billiard room complete with three large pool tables.
After my dad got some work done, we headed out to wander the laneways in the city. We walked quite a ways before arriving at our final destination- Rustica Canteen. They have a great brunch, but sadly no air conditioning. They did have some fans, but apparently 90 degrees wasn't hot enough to turn them on! We suffered a bit at first but cooled off eventually. We all ordered this breakfast board and it was delicious! 
We had a fabulous dinner at EntrecĂ´te, a super cute French restaurant that serves one main meal- steak and fries with an herb dressing. I had been once before with Sylvie and Katie, and the second time was just as good! 

This morning we headed over to The Kettle Black, one of my favorites, for another brunch that I failed to photograph. Afterward, we wandered around the Shrine of Remembrance and then over to the NGV. 
We are resting up right now before heading to the Athenaeum Club for tea and a drink (my dad and Peter, that is) before dinner! 


  1. Your food looks wonderful!!! I laughed when I read that women weren't allowed in certain rooms. What??? I am with you, it's 2016!!!

    1. Melbourne has the best food! I know...those old school clubs are quite a few years behind the rest of us, apparently!



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