Thursday, March 10, 2016

Brighton Bathing Boxes

The city beaches in Melbourne aren't anything to write home about, but the colorful, unique bathing boxes that line the shores of Dendy St. Beach in Brighton are definitely worth a visit. When Ali and Jess were in Melbourne, we packed a picnic lunch and spent a sunny, cool afternoon at the beach.

This summer has been extremely hot. Like refuse-to-leave-the-house hot, with the exception of the week Ali and Jess were visiting. The 70-degree weather they experienced was actually a welcome change from the 100s that had plagued the previous weeks, especially for walking around the city, but unfortunately it was also quite rainy. That's why, as soon as the sun peaked out, we grabbed a few picnic items and took the train down to Brighton. Ali took a bunch of really good pictures, which I've posted below!

This picture is a must for tourists:
The good thing about going on a relatively chilly day was that we essentially had the beach to ourselves.
I mean, how cute are these! Apparently they sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars, so although small, they aren't exactly cheap.
We chose a random box and spread out our picnic. Now, I'm the first person to obsessively slather on sunscreen, but on this particular day, we had left the house early in the morning when it was still cloudy. Fatal error. It was a bit deceiving since the breeze coming off the water kept us nice and cool, but we all ended up extremely sunburned. So once again, here's my PSA: wear sunscreen. Every day.
Such a fun afternoon exploring one of Melbourne's most iconic beaches!


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