Saturday, October 3, 2015

Beach Day at Last!

I know my Minnesota family and friends will have zero sympathy for me, but despite the mild winters here in Melbourne, the season truly felt like it dragged on forever. It wasn't necessarily cold, but there were quite a few rainy 50-degree days that had us eagerly awaiting the arrival of sunshine and warmer weather. Thankfully, it looks like we've finally turned the corner; yesterday was the first 80-degree day in months, so we hit the beach!

Peter and I set out for St. Kilda around noon and stopped to pick up burgers on the way. St. Kilda is pretty much our go-to beach. It's only about 10 minutes from the city and although it isn't the nicest, cleanest beach in the world, it's convenient for times when we just want to spend a couple hours near the water. Clearly we weren't the only ones:
We ate our burgers on the grass behind the sand, waded in the water for a bit, and then took a walk down St. Kilda Pier. We've been to the pier many times, mostly with visitors to view the little penguins that swim in every night. 

A look back at the Melbourne skyline from the pier.
We wandered down the docks for awhile to check out some of the boats in the marina before heading for home.
It was the perfect start to beach season, minus the fact that despite sitting in the sun for a few hours I am still borderline albino. I will never understand why sometimes I'll sit in the sun for hours and get absolutely no color and other times I'll turn into a complete tomato. Meanwhile, Peter tans steadily all summer like a normal person. Naturally. 

Anyway, here's to many more beach days in our future!


  1. Forecast high in Apple Valley today: 59. Fall is here!

    1. It's been 95 the last few days in Melbourne...too hot for spring!



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