Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Week in Pictures

We have had a pretty quiet week over here. Thankfully, the weather has stayed pretty nice so we have been enjoying a bit more time outside. Last weekend we headed back to the same bar where we watched the Grand Final the previous Saturday for an afternoon drink. It was hot again, and we sat in the same booth in the sun, per Peter's request. He's a much bigger fan of hot weather than I am. I tried to hide behind this plant to get a bit of shade and was only partially successful:
I ordered an extremely potent Sex on the Beach (I felt like I was sipping on a shot of Vodka) and Peter got his usual.
We went to an Asian food market on Friday night with Matt and  Lauren, but I didn't take any pictures, which is so not like me. I'm pretty sure I've become that annoying friend who constantly whips out her camera every five seconds. No shame.

We usually venture to the market on Sundays and last weekend was no exception. I absolutely love buying our produce at the market and can't get over all the different colors. Healthy food has never  looked so good!
On Wednesday I met some friends for dinner and ordered something a bit different. I don't remember exactly what was all in this dish, but it was some combination of grits and polenta and was amazing. 
Peter and I walked down to the grocery store one day this week and saw this sign on an office building door. There's CCTV everywhere in Melbourne so it's hard to get away with anything and businesses have no hesitation in publicly shaming shoplifters or, in this case, newspaper thieves. I kind of wonder how many hours of footage exists of me walking down the street texting and/or glaring at people walking too slowly in front of me. Slow walkers are my absolutely least favorite people in the world. Other than, like, murderers. 
I met some friends for a drink on Saturday evening and we enjoyed wine, champagne, and some polenta fries. I was really feeling the polenta this week for some reason. I'm not sure if my friend Janet has made it on the blog yet (she's in the middle), but she's from Wisconsin and went to the University of Minnesota! Midwesterners unite! There aren't many of us around here. Janet met Katie when they both lived in San Francisco and then decided to move out here for a year after visiting Katie last Christmas. I thoroughly enjoy having someone here who doesn't stare at me blankly when I say the word "pop" or mention random Minnesota landmarks. 
I absolutely loved the pretty drink menu at this place.
Saturday night Peter and I tried a Mexican restaurant in the city called Fonda, but again I failed to get any pictures. I'm really off my game lately. We loved the food and will definitely be back!

Today I met some friends for brunch at Rustica Canteen, a new spot in the city nestled in a hidden laneway, of course. So Melbourne. 
Instead of my usual avo toast, I ordered brioche toast with Nutella, hazelnut, and bananas. It was so good, but more of a dessert than a meal! We were seated next to a girl who spent at least a half hour arranging and photographing her food and we concluded that she must be an Instagram star. We overheard the waitress say something about the "free food" and we all immediately started our own food accounts in hopes of becoming stars too and eating brunch for free. Kidding, but it's a thought! Actually Sylvie has a food Instagram account, but has yet to receive any free meals. Sylvie if you're reading this get on it! After watching the Instastar's production, I didn't feel quite so ridiculous snapping this picture of my own food:
Peter and I hit the market this afternoon and then headed to our favorite dessert spot, Brunetti, after dinner. The weeks are going fast these days, which isn't such a bad thing given that we are counting down the days until our New Zealand trip!

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  1. What a fun looking week! I hate being hot too and my husband always insists on sitting outside. Usually I love it!!! But not when it is 85 degrees or higher with a lot of humidity that we get here. Gross. I would be soaking in any of that shade too! I love that drink menu, so cool!!!! When I order a cocktail, I get upset when it tastes like straight up alcohol.If I wanted a shot, I would have ordered a shot!



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